No one is average

Neutral data insights

The refining of huge amounts of big data aggregated from +100 third party partners, allows our systems to re-classify it into ready to use super-small-data©.


Logan aggregates data from multiple partners. We agnostically choose the best data source, predominantly 1st party and supplementary 3rd party data, and we make it available in a secure and transparent platform.


Our neutral data ecosystem has been built with privacy at its core to comply with strict global, regional and local privacy standards.


Logan focuses on data from mobile devices. Our data suppliers include telco carriers, app publishers, ad networks and software companies.


The places people visit throughout the day say a lot about their habits and who they are. Combining this info with their online habits allows us to reach the right people and encourage them to engage with your brand.


Logan aggregates and processes data daily, so we can offer insights on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


In a world where privacy concerns are vital in building consumer trust, our systems aggregate opted-in consumers only.



Direct access to the Super-Small-Data platform grants brands with a profound user knowledge, including consumer behavior and mid to long-term trends. This data can be seamlessly transformed into actionable insights and reachable audiences from within the platform.


Our consulting data insights service covers the breadth of techniques, from consolidating purchase and media data to predicting long term trends; from polls to large scale studies to qualitive research. For the benesfit of our clients, we offer a complete view of consumers – the way they think, feel, shop, share, etc – in all the major latin markets around the world.


We enhance, refine and improve raw data. Our data enrichment solution starts by validating the data the brands already have, once their records are cleaned, we can append missing or incomplete information and further improve the quality of their data bases with all the data attributes available in our platform and by extrapolating and adding information to existing data tables.